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Explore Ventile jacket W's

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A lightweight, robust and versatile womens’s jacket suitable for all season use in the mountain and backcountry. Limited number of jackets in stock.

W's Explore Ventile Jacket

A lightweight, robust and versatile men’s jacket that offers excellent year-round protection in the high mountain or on cold climate expeditions to the polar regions. Made to last, the jacket will retain its performance over time and age gracefully into a classic, weathered look.  

Created in collaboration with leading outdoor and wilderness guides, the design incorporates numerous well-considered technical details. The Ventile fabric is windproof and will keep you dry for extended periods during light showers. Relatively quick drying and virtually noise-free, the fabric has a soft, comfortable feel against the skin.

The jacket is made from compression-woven organic Ventile® cotton that is water-repellent yet exceptionally breathable (non-condensing). The secret to Ventile's water-repellency lies in the swelling of the woven fibres when they come into contact with water, forming an effective barrier against light rain. Originally developed fire hose material, Ventile fabric was repurposed as cockpit clothing by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) just before World War II, as a way to increase fighter pilot survivability during cold water landings. It has stood the test of time and is still in use in the RAF today. This high-performing fabric was also worn during the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, and on numerous demanding polar expeditions since.

The water-repellency of the Ventile construction has been enhanced by an added Schoeller® 3-layer hydrophilic membrane to the hood, shoulders and upper arms. This combination offers a lightweight and comfortable jacket with exceptional breathability while keeping you dry during light showers. At times of prolonged or heavy downpours, you may experience water seepage, but in exchange, appreciate the superior breathability compared to regular shell jackets. A good tip is to pack a lightweight storm shelter as a weatherproof cover for yourself and your backpack during heavy rain showers. Storm shelters have multiple uses in the outdoors and are worth their weight in your backpack!

For optimal moisture transport and thermoregulation, we recommend wearing Super Thermo mesh next to the skin, and a Classic merino wool midlayer on top.

Product Features

  • Fit: Women’s slim fit
  • Material 1: 100% raw organic Ventile®  fibres that swell and form an effective rain barrier when they come into contact with water
  • Material 2: Schoeller® 3-layer hydrophilic membrane on shoulders, upper arms and hood for added rain protection
  • Highly breathable (non-condensing)
  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Windproof and water-repellent
  • Robust and durable
  • Soft, comfortable and easy to move in 
  • Quiet - perfect for hunting, nature watching and nature photography 
  • Hood: spacious, helm-compatible hood with four adjustment options, one-hand hood adjustment, wire peak and mount for fur trim
  • High collar with soft chin guard
  • Two external chest pockets, two external large waist pockets, and two internal pockets lined with mesh for optimal ventilation
  • YKK water-repellent zippers throughout, YKK vislon two-way front zip with storm flap. All water-repellent zippers have an extra internal storm flap
  • Pit zips with two-way zippers
  • Adjustable cuffs with Velcro tabs and attachment possibilities for mittens and gloves
  • Elastic crotch strap
  • Made in Europe
  • Machine washable, can be re-proofed and repaired


Technical Specifications

  • Material 1: Single layer compression-woven Ventile®, 100% organic raw cotton. Hydrostatic head/water column: 750 mm
  • Material 2: Shoeller® WB formula material with C-change hydrophilic membrane. Hydrostatic head/water column: 20 000 mm
  • Bluesign-approved materials: Yes
  • Zips: YKK water-repellent
  • Product weight: 860 grams (size M)


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