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Maintenance of Brynje Products


We are happy to help with repairs but encourage you to purchase replacement parts and make small repairs yourself. This is often both faster and more cost-effective than sending your garments to us. How to repair

Washing of Hardshells

Salt from sweat breaks down synthetic fibers and can loosen taped seams on the inside. Therefore, Brynje's shell clothes must be washed regularly. How to wash hardshells

Washing Merino Wool

Merino wool is super soft and easy to care for. If you follow our advice, the wool fibres in your merino wool garment will retain their natural softness and structure and remain resilient even after years of use. How to wash Merino Wool

Impregnation and reproofing

Impregnate your clothing and gear if you want to increase their functionality and lifespan. We recommend FiberProTector spray; it is manufactured in Norway and does not contain PFOS and PFOA chemicals, or any other substances that may be harmful to human health or the natural environment. How to impregnate

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