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We are proud that our technical garments have been the clothing of choice by numerous adventurers worldwide for their audacious and often record-setting expeditions to extreme destinations. From the early days, it has been part of Brynje's mission and passion to co-develop high performing clothing for the world's most demanding conditions. Such collaborations and their real-life testing grounds provide us with invaluable feedback that helps enhance the functionality and performance of all our products. 


Notable Brynje Expeditions

  • 1953: First ascent Mt. Everest - Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.
  • 1993: Unarmed to the South Pole - Harald Hauge, Cato Zahl Pedersen and Lars Ebbesen.
  • 1998: North Pole Express with Sjur Mørdre and Lars Ebbesen.
  • 2001: Antarctic crossing: Rolf Bae and Eirik Sønnerland. The world’s farthest expedition on skis until 2006.
  • 2004: Randi Skaug - first Norwegian woman to climb Mt. Everest
  • 2005: The South Pole with Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft
  • 2010: Fastest solo crossing to the South Pole - Christian Eide
  • 2012: The youngest to cross the Antarctic - Teodor Glomnes Johansen
  • 2013: The first to cycle across Greenland - Juan Menendez Granados
  • 2014: The first person to cycle solo & unsupported to the South Pole - Juan Menendez Granados


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