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About Brynje Of Norway

Brynje of Norway is a small family-owned clothing company located in the city of Larvik, Norway. We have pioneered thermal mesh technology for over 75 years and our innovative baselayers have kept generations of adventurers dry and warm. When Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary first reached the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953, they wore Brynje's Original String Vest.

Since our inception in 1887, we have been associated with high quality, functionality and durability. Today, Brynje is worn and trusted by the Norwegian Armed Forces, polar explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals with high-performance requirements. Given the outstanding performance of our products in the most inhospitable environments on the planet - we are confident that they will work for you too!

Social and environmental responsibility

At Brynje, we care about protecting the environment for future generations and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our focus is not to become the biggest brand but to act ethically and sustainably in collaboration with conscious customers. 

Unlike retailers who entice customers to buy their latest models, we make quality clothing that is designed to last. The longer you wear our products, the better it is for your wallet and the environment.


  • Brynjes organisasjonsnummer: 913 029 666 MVA
  • Postadresse: Brynje of Norway AS, Postboks 2023 Stubberød, 3255 Larvik
  • Besøksadresse, hovedkontoret i Larvik: Øya 41, 3262 Larvik
  • Besøksadresse, butikk og kontorer i Oslo: Kongens gate 16
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