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Brynje Wool Thermo Light

Brynje Wool Thermo mesh is made from superfine, itch-free merino wool and offers effective next-to-skin insulation. This fine-mesh version of our Wool Thermo collection offers a more conventional look and is perfect for the warmer seasons.

Wool Thermo Light is ideal for medium to low activity in spring, summer and autumn. The mesh construction ensures transport of excess moisture and heat away from the body and regulates temperature by allowing air circulation. At times of low activity and periods of rest, the mesh cells retain warm air, forming an uninterrupted layer of insulation next to the skin.

Wool Thermo mesh is ideal in combination with Classic wool as midlayer. For high exertion activities we recommend Super Thermo mesh next to the skin.

Wool Thermo Light garments come in a snug fit with a long cut and stretch to shape. They are unisex unless otherwise specified.