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Impregnation and reproofing

It is a good idea to impregnate your clothing and gear if you want to increase their functionality and lifespan. Nearly all materials can be impregnated, including shell and wool clothing, footwear, tents and leather surfaces. We recommend the FiberProTector spray for reproofing Brynje shell clothing and waterproofing Bryne wool outerwear (such as Antarctic jackets).

Directions for use

  1. Start with a clean and dry garment, completely free of detergent residue. How to wash Brynje hardshell clothing
  2. Make sure your workspace is well ventilated
  3. Hold the spray bottle approx 20 cm away from the garment, while cross-spraying evenly
  4. Cover the entire garment with spray
  5. Let the garment dry for a minimum of 30 minutes before use

NB: The spray must not be used on coated leather, PVC materials or rubber. Furniture with varnished surfaces should be covered up during use and wiped clean immediately if accidentally sprayed. 


Removing stains from impregnated garments

  • Use absorbent paper to remove fresh stains
  • For dry stains, use a microfiber cloth and plenty of warm water. Avoid rubbing.


We recommend using FiberProTector impregnation spray

The spray is manufactured in Norway and does not contain PFOS and PFOA chemicals, or any other substances that may be harmful to human health or the natural environment:

Fiber Protector Spray

Our recommended spray for reproofing Brynje shell clothing. 

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