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Antarctic Pro Jacket w/ windstopper

SKU: 10501297
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Antarctic Professional Jacket with windstopper in front. Unisex.

This is a very warm jacket made with the same dual-layer principle as our Arctic Collection, but with thicker Merino wool on the outside. We have also added a soft middle layer with windstopper in front. The Super Thermo mesh inner layer effectively regulates body temperature, keeps you dry and gives extra isolation.

The jacket is perfect as midlayer on very cold days - or as outer layer in drier conditions when weight is not the primary consideration. Antarctic Jacket is made to the high specifications required for expedition work, while still having the relaxed comfort of everyday wear. Popular for hunting, hiking, mountaineering, professional and casual use. This Pro version of our Antarctic jacket has been adapted for professional use by hunters, the police and rescue services.

For optimal moisture transport, we recommend wearing Super Thermo mesh next to the skin. On cold days you may also add a Classic merino wool midlayer under the jacket.


Product Features


  • Fit: unisex, loose / wide
  • Brynje of Norway double-layer technology - superior moisture management and insulation in extremely cold temperatures
  • Windstopper in front
  • Distinction flap on the chest
  • Velcro panels on both upper arm (patches not included)
  • Chest Velcro panel for ID patch (patch not included)
  • High collar
  • Four zippered pockets: two chest pockets, two low pockets
  • Full length front zip
  • Pit zips with two-way zippers
  • Thumbholes
  • Tightening at the bottom
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Quiet (no-rustling) material - suitable for hunting etc.
  • Itch-free
  • Versatile - can be used as both midlayer and outerwear
  • Produced in Europe
  • Machine washable, repairable, re-proofable

Technical Specifications

  • Material composition
    - Inner layer: 100 % Polypropylene mesh
    - Mid layer, windstopper: 50 % Polyester og 50 % Polyuretan
    - Outer layer: 70 % Merino wool and 30 % Polyamide
  • Material weight
    - Inner layer, mesh: 140 g/m2
    - Mid layer, windstopper:  95 g/m2
    - Outer layer, wool and polyamide: 280 g/m2 (expedition weight)
  • Product weight: 740 g (size M)
  • Merino fiber diameter: 20,5 micron (fine medium)
  • Zipper: YKK


Wear your clothes for as long as possible and repair

Brynje quality outdoor clothing is made to last. Once purchased, we encourage customers to wear their garments for as long as possible. An alternative to ‘fast fashion’, Brynje’s collections come in timeless colours and designs to ensure long-term wearability. Our goal is not to become the biggest brand in the market, but rather to encourage responsible consumption and work with our customers to protect the environment. We are acutely aware of the need to lower consumption rates to preserve nature and future life on the planet. Our ideal customer appreciates quality, makes repairs instead of buying new, and wears their Brynje garment for as long as possible. This benefits both the wallet and the environment.


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Brynje produkt ikoner

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Modell Unisex



We make high quality clothes so they last as long as possible. The rest is up to you.
Wear the clothes for a long time, follow the washing instructions and repair. That's good, both for nature and the wallet.

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