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Randi Skaug - Adventurer
As a professional adventurer for almost 30 years, Randi Skaug has overcome some of the world's most inhospitable places. On May 20, 2004, she became the first Norwegian woman to climb Mt. Everest and in 2007 she completed Seven Summits, the highest mountain on any continent. Randi was also the first woman to complete the route to Amundsen across the Hardangervidda, the one he failed himself.

“The Polar Expedition jacket is probably Brynje's favorite, but it's because I use it so much in everyday life. A lovely, lightweight and warm mesh fleece! As expedition equipment, I almost don't think I can choose, but in general, Brynje has been a contributing factor in my ability to achieve my dreams. ”


Seven Summits:

  • Kilimanjaro (1996)
  • Elbrus (1997, 2006)
  • Mt. Denali (2000)
  • Mt. Cook (2002)
  • Mt. Everest (2004)
  • Mt. Aconcagua (2006)
  • Carstensz Pyramid (2007)


  • 1993 Borneo across
  • 1993-94 Earth around on its own
  • 1996 Ski expedition to Svalbard's two highest mountains
  • 1996 Mt. Margaritha (5109 m) in Uganda
  • 2002 Mt. The Rasdash in Ethiopia
  • 2007 Sailing Adventure in the Pacific
  • 2007 Søndre Strømfjord to Sisimiut in Greenland (180 km skiing)
  • 2009 Ski Expedition (new route) from Patriot Hills to top of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica
  • 2010 Hardangervidda along the ski
  • 2012 Finnmarksvidda along the ski
  • 2013 Sakteruta launches tour Sakteruta continues towards Russia from Tjeldsundet

More about Randi Skaug:
Instagram - @skaugrandi
Facebook - @naustholmenrandi


Frode Lein - Ultralunner
Frode Lein is one of Norway's roughest ultra runners with experience from several of the world's most extreme ultrars. He has crossed several of the largest mountain ranges in the world, through the most dangerous deserts, deep in jungles, on the ice towards the South Pole and on Greenland. As he himself summarizes, "... it has been warmer than 60 degrees, colder than -45, humidity above 90% and higher than 6,000 meters above sea level". In addition to running long and long himself, Frode is educated in college management and coach as well as Pose Method® Certified Technique Specialist with Olympic coach Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov. Frode teaches at the World Running Academy where he shares his expertise and passion.

Frode has used Brynje garments in places that are ranked as the world's hottest and coldest, as well as high up in extreme mountain ranges


  • Daily: The classic health jersey is self-written. During activities such as climbing, the Classic Wool jerseys are always on both me and the children, this one keeps a good temperature.
  • Cold: With skiing on my legs and Super Thermo as a lingerie, in a thin racing dress I have completed the Arctic Circle Race, which is referred to as "World`s toughest skiing race" on the ice over Greenland. The temperature here may drop to -43, but the Super Thermo did the job and well it did. Similarly, along with three others, I have been the first in history to have completed "The Last Desert" with 250 kilometers to the South Pole in Brynje Super Thermo with wind stops.


  • Altitude: I have run 6000 meters in Bolivia and competed in the Himalayas with the Sprint Super Seamless and Polar Expedition jacket. In Nepal, I was 20 kilometers from the epicenter when the earthquake struck. Overnight at altitude was very cold and then Super Thermo was very good to have. Clothing was provided to the local rescue teams who were very excited about the mesh underwear.


  • Heat: Gandom Beryan Desert in Iran is the hottest area on earth and the Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on earth. From the extreme Sprint collection I used Sprint T-shirt and Sprint long sleeve sweater weighing just under 100 grams. When we run with full packing for several days with temperatures up to sixty degrees of heat, the weight is on the bag and protection from the sun is very important. The Sprint collection solved this in an excellent way.

More about Frode Lein:
Instagram - @frodelein
Facebook - Frode Lein

Teodor Glomnes Johansen - Adventurer
Teodor is one of Norway's most experienced young adventurers. Despite his age, he has managed to undertake a number of expeditions where he has experienced both success and disappointment. The lively boy is officially the youngest pole sailor in the world, has climbed a number of peaks at 6,000 meters and been on several 8,000-meter expeditions.
“My favorite garment from Brynje must probably be Super Thermo lingerie. I've had that with me on everything from Svalbard to Mt. Everest, and it always works. I am a hot guy and it is important that I can get sweaty without starting to freeze. There is Super Thermo absolutely superior! ”


2011/12 - Antarctica Expedition (166 km)
2012 - beat - Dagali (unassisted / unsupported - 200 km)
2013 - Mt. Ramdung Expedition
2013 - Dagali - Bergen (unassisted / unsupported - 240 km)
2013 - Mt. Manaslu Expedition (8163 m)
2014 - Mt. Lobuche East Expedition (6119m)
2014 - Mt. Everest Expedition (8848 m) - Aborted because of avalanche.
2015 - Mt. mja Tse (6189 m)
2015 - Mt. Everest Expedition (8848m) - Aborted because of earthquakes.
2015 - Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895 m)
2016 - Svalbard Expedition (unassisted / unsupported 614 km)


Mattias Jansson - Main guide and manager of Outdoorsupport
Mattias has more than 15 years of experience from mountain hiking, expeditions, kayaking, climbing, as well as skiing and telemark. As a versatile guide, he has traveled around the world and arranged tours, including in Sweden, Iran, Turkey and Morocco. Mattias holds a bachelor's degree in Tourism Management, a two-year degree in outdoor leadership education and a two-year education in Outdoor Air Engineering.
Previously, he worked as project manager for tourism development in the Norwegian national parks, and now runs Outdoorsupport which provides guiding and organizing outdoor activities.
“The garment I used most from Brynje is the Antarctic jacket with full wind peaks. I use it instead of the regular outer jacket for the office, but also when I'm sitting around the fire or lying in the tent. What I like about it is that I don't have to wear so much underneath. Even in winter, a thin wool sweater or shirt is enough, the jacket does the rest. I only need the shell jacket when I set out down. Learn more about Mattias Jansson

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