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Super Thermo Longs w/ windstopper

SKU: 10200407
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Super Thermo Longs with windstopper in front. Unisex.

The Super Thermo longs with elasticated windstopper fabric in front is an ideal next-to-skin layering piece in cold and wet conditions. Ideal for biking, cross-country skiing and other activities where you are exposed to wind.

Brynjes original and best-selling synthetic mesh baselayer is ideal for high and low intensity activities, in cold or wet weather. Through its pioneering 3/8″ open-weave construction, Super Thermo mesh effectively regulates body temperature.  At times of high activity, the mesh ensures air circulation and transports excess moisture and heat away from the body. At times of low activity or during periods of rest, the mesh cells retain warm air forming an uninterrupted layer of insulation next to the skin.

The design of the Super Thermo collection is inspired by the historic Viking armour known as "Brynje". Lightweight and exceptionally versatile, synthetic mesh is worn and trusted by the Norwegian Armed Forces, polar explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals with high-performance requirements. Tests have established Brynje’s Super Thermo mesh to be the most effective at insulating and the fastest drying baselayer.

The mesh garments are itch-free and hypoallergenic, a great choice for anyone with a wool sensitivity. They are also extremely durable, making Super Thermo an environmentally friendly choice.


Product Features

  • Fit: unisex (no fly), slim fit, long cut, fabric stretches to shape

  • Elasticated windstopper fabric in front from waist to under the knees - comfortable to wear

  • Solid-knit panel over bum

  • Solid-knit panels on the inside of thighs to prevent chafing

  • Elastic waistband (4 cm)

  • Brynje of Norway 3/8″ open-weave mesh technology - superior vapour/moisture management and thermoregulation across a range of temperatures

  • Breathable

  • High wicking

  • Ultralight

  • Compressible

  • High-performance

  • Quick-drying - absorbs virtually no moisture

  • Soft and comfortable next to the skin

  • Does not cling to the body due to few contact points with the skin

  • Non-chafing flatlock seams

  • Itch-free and hypoallergenic 

  • Odour resistant

  • Versatile, 4 seasons

  • Does not attract microorganisms or moths during storage

  • Extreme durability, recyclability and repairability: An environmentally friendly choice

  • Bluesign® certified

  • Machine washable at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. Do not tumble dry.


Technical Specifications

  • Material Composition
    - Mesh: 100% polypropylene
    - Windstopper fabric: 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane
  • Material Weight
    - Mesh: 140 g/m2 (lightweight)
    - Windstopper fabric: 95 g/m2
  • Product weight: 180 grams


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