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Brynje sponsors adventurers and intrepid expeditionists of all ages and abilities. It’s encouraging that so many of you enquire about this - we take it as a sign that our products keep people warm, dry and safe across the globe. Write to us! In considering possible candidates, we look for the following:

  • Special or unique projects, an especially interesting backstory, or a desire to do something new and compelling.
  • Show that you care for the nature on our planet. We expect candidates to share our values of responsible consumption and understand the importance of extending the lifespan of garments.
  • Aim to inspire or help others. We’d like to know how projects will serve others beyond the people who are directly participating.
  • Wish for long term collaboration with us. We’d like you to relate with us while on your adventure, and we’d also like to continue the relationship once home again.
  • We'll be very happy if you tag @brynjeofnorway and use #brynjeofnorway on Instagram :-)


We do not sponsor:

  • Holiday and leisure trips
  • Projects that apply for financial support 
  • Activities other than those that fall within the categories of sports, outdoor pursuits and expeditions 


 How to apply:

  • E-mail (Please put ‘Sponsorship’ in the subject line for a quicker response)
  • Tell us about yourself and your project/expedition
  • Provide links to your social media accounts, blog, website etc


We look forward to hearing from you!