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Return and Complaint

We in Brynje want you to be satisfied with the purchase you have made with us. The goods you have ordered must be error-free at delivery.

If you receive a defective item or something wrong has occurred at delivery, contact us by e-mail: Customer service will tell you what to do with the item so that we can help you with the case quickly.

If you have received the wrong item or the item has been damaged during shipment, please notify us as soon as possible. In cases where there is a mistake / lack of the ordered product, we will send you a new product as soon as possible.


Right of withdrawal
We have 30 days of open purchase on products purchased at by International consumers.
Use the enclosed return form if you want to exchange a product or raise the purchase.

30 days of open purchase only applies to products purchased directly from us.

Remember to fill out the return form enclosed in our package.
We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we receive your return.
If you wish to cancel the purchase, we will refund the money to the payment method used during the purchase or to an account number provided by you. If an exchange of goods entails an intermediary in our favor, we will send you an invoice.

All costs associated with returning of goods to Brynje of Norway are the customer's responsibility. Refunding of VAT in your country is also the customer's own responsibility. Contact your local customs office for more information.


All returns must be sent to:
Box 2023 Stubberød
3255 Larvik

Restrictions on the right of withdrawal
You are prevented from using the right of withdrawal if the item is damaged or damaged so that it cannot be returned in "almost the same condition and quantity" and this is due to lack of consideration or negligence on your part. Therefore, you may want to keep the original packaging if you are not sure you want to keep the item. Bottoms (boxer, hipster) are not considered "in the same condition" if they have been used / tested / tested by the consumer. The right of withdrawal will therefore not apply to these products. This for hygienic reasons.
The Act only applies to consumer purchases. The right of withdrawal cannot therefore be used by companies or others who have acted as part of a business activity.
If you do not pick up the package you have ordered, but remain completely passive, this is not the same as using your right of withdrawal. You have not fulfilled the requirements that are made to you in accordance with sections 11 and 13 of the Right to Withdrawal, and thus you lose the right to terminate the agreement. You will then be charged a return shipping cost and a fee of NOK 200, - for handling the case.

After you receive the products, you should, as soon as you have the opportunity, check that the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, if the products have been damaged during shipment, or if the products are otherwise defective or missing. If the item has a defect, please notify us as soon as possible so we can send you a new product.
Contact us by email:
Customer Service will then tell you what to do with the item so we can help you quickly with the case.
All complaints must be approved by us, so we want you to send us three pictures before a return and a complaint can be made. If you take measures on your own initiative to remedy the deficiency beyond what has been agreed with Brynje AS, we will not pay these expenses.

Repair of products
We are proud of the quality of our products, so most of the products are used extensively for many years. If you have a product that is not covered by the warranty that you wish to repair, we can help you with this. The product must be clean and repaired according to the price list below, normally we will send the products back after 2 weeks.

Prices for repairs:

  • Replacement of front zipper 300 kr.
  • Replacement of short zipper 200 kr.
  • Repair of seams 250 kr. pr. hour
  • Other repairs 250 kr. pr. hour
  • Wash 250 kr
  • Postage return 200 kr

If you need spare parts, contact us.