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Randi Skaug: Professional adventurer and head of Naustholmen adventure island in Steigen.

On May 20, 2004, Randi Skaug from Åsbygda became the first Norwegian woman to conquer Mt. Everest. Her mountain expedition had a singular goal: mastery. And she achieved it. We are incredibly proud to have Randi as our ambassador.

Randi is the outsider who conquered the world’s highest peak. No one in the mountaineering community had heard of her before. Most likely, no one would have bet their money on her either. But she doesn’t tell her story with pride; it’s with gratitude. Thanks to the Nepalese mountain guides Tshering Pande Bhote and Jyamchang Bhote, she reached the summit and returned home—alive.

Randi was the first woman to complete the route across Hardangervidda that Roald Amundsen himself couldn’t conquer. On December 31, 2007, she achieved the Seven Summits—reaching the highest peak on each continent.

Having traveled to all corners of the globe and visited over 70 countries, she has defined Norway as her primary expedition destination. The kayak named SAKTERUTA took her to Northern Norway on an exciting journey from Rørvik to Russia over three summers from 2012 to 2014. This paddling adventure provided both learning and love. The North Norwegian temperament, the light, and the natural beauty became addictive. In 2015, Randi purchased Naustholmen Island in Steigen to create an adventure destination. Her idea was to share her own experiences with others and offer powerful nature encounters and friendly camaraderie. Naustholmen Adventure Island opened in May 2016.

Latest news about Randi Skaug:

Some of Randis expeditions

  • 1993: Borneo traverse.
  • 1993-94: Solo journey around the world.
  • 1996: Ski expedition to Svalbard’s two highest peaks.
  • 1996: Climbed Mt. Margherita (5109 m) in Uganda and Kilimanjaro (5895 m) in Tanzania.
  • 1997: Ascended Mt. Elbrus (4741 m) in Russia.
  • 1997: Sailing adventure in the Caribbean.
  • 1998: Another sailing adventure in the Caribbean.
  • 2000: Conquered Mt. Denali / Mc Kinley (6144 m) in Alaska.
  • 2002: Explored Mt. Rasdashen (4550 m) in Ethiopia.
  • 2002: Sailing adventure in the Pacific.
  • 2002: Climbed Mt. Cook (3724 m) in New Zealand.
  • 2004: Reached the summit of Mt. Everest (8848 m) in Nepal/China.
  • 2005: Cycled around Corsica.
  • 2006: Successfully summited Mt. Aconcagua (6961 m) in South America.
  • 2006: Revisited Mt. Elbrus (4741 m) in Russia.
  • 2007: Skied from Søndre Strømfjord to Sisimiut in Greenland (180 km).
  • 2007: Conquered Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m) in New Guinea.
  • 2007: Skied a new route from Patriot Hills to the summit of Mt. Vinson (4892 m) in Antarctica.
  • 2009: Crossed Hardangervidda on skis, a feat Amundsen himself couldn’t achieve.
  • 2010: Skied across Finnmarksvidda.
  • 2010: Climbed Ama Dablam (6812 m) in Nepal.
  • 2011: Sailed from Florø via Bjørnøya to Svalbard.
  • 2012-2014: Paddled the kayak Sakteruta from Rørvik to Russia.
  • 2013: Skied the entire Kungsleden trail.
  • 2015: Explored from Lofotodden via Moskesnesstraumen to Skumvær lighthouse.
  • 2016: Explored Bhutan on foot.
  • 2017: Skied in the Zagros mountain range in Iran.
  • 2018: Skied in Morocco.
  • 2019: Participated in the Unclimbed Expedition in Eastern Nepal.

Some of Randis Brynje favourites

– Brynje has been a contributing factor in enabling me to achieve my dreams,” says Randi. Here are some of the garments she likes the most:

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Film about Randi Skaug and a magic visit on her island Naustholmen:

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