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Brynje of Norway is a small family-owned clothing company located in Larvik, Norway. We have pioneered thermal mesh technology for over 75 years and our innovative baselayers have kept generations of adventurers dry and warm. When Tenzing Nogay and Sir Edmund Hillary first reached the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953, they wore Brynje's Original String Vest.

Our high-quality garments are made to last. You can contribute to the longevity of your garment by learning to care for them properly. The longer you wear our products for, the better it is for your wallet and for the environment.  

Get to know our collections

  • Shield  - Robust outerwear engineered for high mountain and expedition use. Optimal weather protection.

  • Women - Base, mid and shell layers with women-specific cuts and features.

  • Super Thermo - Our original bestselling synthetic mesh baselayer. Exceptionally high-performing and versatile. 

  • Super Micro - Fine-mesh version of Super Thermo with enhanced cooling properties for warm weather use.

  • Wool Thermo - Ultralight mesh baselayer in soft naturally odour resistant merino wool.

  • Wool Thermo Light - Fine-weave mesh baselayer in merino wool for 3 season use.

  • Classic Wool - Soft solid-knit baselayer in merino wool designed to complement mesh baselayers or be used on its own. 

  • Arctic Double - Award-winning double baselayer designed for extreme cold weather use.

  • Antarctic - Highly insulating mid/outer layer with a mesh interior, wool exterior and integrated windproof membrane.

  • Polar Super lightweight, insulating midlayer with a mesh interior and quick-drying microfleece exterior.

  • Kids  - Base and midlayers for kids up to 10 years.

  • Heritage - Bryne Original String Vest - Iconic cotton string vest worn during the first Mt Everest ascent in 1953. 

  • Sprint - Superlight high-intensity sportswear in polyester for warmer temperatures. 

Product samples: