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Our Products

Get to know our products and collections:

  • Shield - Robust outerwear engineered for high mountain and expedition use. Optimal weather protection.

  • Super Thermo - Our original bestselling synthetic mesh baselayer. Exceptionally high-performing and versatile. 

  • Super Micro - Fine-mesh version of Super Thermo with enhanced cooling properties for warm weather use.

  • Wool Thermo - Ultralight mesh baselayer in soft naturally odour resistant merino wool.

  • Wool Thermo Light - Fine-weave mesh baselayer in merino wool for 3 season use.

  • Classic Wool - Soft, solid-knit baselayer in merino wool designed to complement mesh baselayers or be used on its own. 

  • Arctic Double - Award-winning double baselayer designed for extreme cold weather use.

  • Antarctic - Highly insulating mid/outer layer with a mesh interior, wool exterior and integrated windproof membrane.

  • Polar - Super lightweight, insulating midlayer with a mesh interior and quick-drying microfleece exterior.

  • Heritage - Bryne Original String Vest - Iconic cotton string vest worn during the first Mt. Everest ascent in 1953. 

  • Sprint - Superlight high-intensity sportswear in polyester for warmer temperatures. 

Special collections:

  • Professional - Functional workwear for professional use in the police, fire, rescue, and other services.
  • Women - Base, mid and shell layers with women-specific cuts and features.
  • Kids - Base and midlayers for kids.


Product samples:

Super Thermo Shirt w/ shoulder panels

Wool Thermo Shirt w/ shoulder panels

Wool Thermo Light Zip-polo 3/4 neck W's

Classic Zip Polo Shirt

Arctic Zip Polo Shirt with Thumbholes

Polar Expedition Jacket


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