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5-year warranty

All Brynje products have a 5-year warranty on manufacturing and fabric defects, so you can be assured that the product will work for many years. 

We will seek to repair manufacturing defects where feasible. If it is not possible or appropriate to repair the defect, Brynje will replace the product with a new one. If the product has expired, you will be offered the choice of an equivalent product in either type or value.  The original price of the advertised product may differ slightly from the products that are visible on our current webpages due to the recent updates. When returning your used product as part of the warranty process, you agree that Brynje can destroy and recycle this if we deem it irreparable. 

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear, improper washing, shrinkage of less than 10%, nipping or natural fading of colours and degradation of materials after prolonged use. Damages that are not covered by the warranty can be repaired for compensation and shipping costs. See price list here:

Contact us at for assessment of your case.


How do I prepare the product for submission?

Products that are submitted for repair or as a warranty case should be freshly washed. If the garments are not washed in accordance with Brynje's instructions, we reserve the right to invoice NOK. 250 - for washing.


Faults covered by Brynje's 5-year warranty:

• Fabric manufacturing defects.

• Production defects on seams.

• Zipper manufacturing defects.

• Excessively large shrinkage on products that renders it unusable.

• Delamination of the membrane (the bond between the outer fabric and the membrane loosens)

• Taping that loosens on the shell casing.

• Malfunction of the membrane on the shell.


Things not covered by Brynje's 5-year warranty:

• Normal wear and tear such as fading of colours and gradual deterioration of the fabric, as well as any damages caused by external factors.

• Improper use.

• Damages caused by not following the products washing instructions.

• Poor maintenance.

• Shrinkage of less than 10% of the original product size.


All warranty cases must be settled with Brynje before they can be processed. As soon as there is a settled warranty case, Brynje will proceed to repair or replace the product. We will assess each case individually and make decisions about the level of compensation based on the condition and age of each garment. 

 NB: If the garment is worn out, regardless of age, it will not be considered as a warranty case.