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Classic Wool Light T-shirt, M's

SKU: 10310200
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Men's Classic Wool Light T-shirt

Ultralight and versatile thermal T-shirt with a comfortable fit, perfect for outdoor, work and casual wear all year round. The T-shirt has a supremely soft solid-knit construction, made from 100% organic superfine Merino wool.

Wool garments derive their thermoregulating properties from a waviness in the fibre structure known as crimps. The finer the wool fibre, the more crimps. These form small air pockets, which have a warming and insulating effect, even when the garment is wet.


Product Features

  • Fit: Regular (M's)

  • Material: Solid knit 100 % organic Merino wool

  • Ultralight, thin material

  • Supremely soft, itch-free and comfortable next to the skin

  • High wicking and breathable

  • Quick-drying

  • Insulates when wet

  • Naturally antifungal, antibacterial and odour-resistant

  • Non-chafing flatlock seams

  • Raglan sleeves for optimal arm movement

  • 4 season

  • Made in Europe

  • Durable & repairable

  • Machine washable on a wool cycle

Technical Specifications

  • Material: 100 % organic Merino wool

  • Merino fibre diameter: 17,5 micron (superfine)

  • Material weight: 150 g/m2 (ultralight)

  • Product weight: 140 grams (size M)


Wear your clothes for as long as possible and repair

Brynje quality outdoor clothing is made to last. Once purchased, we encourage customers to wear their garments for as long as possible. An alternative to ‘fast fashion’, Brynje’s collections come in timeless colours and designs to ensure long-term wearability. Our goal is not to become the biggest brand in the market, but rather to encourage responsible consumption and work with our customers to protect the environment. We are acutely aware of the need to lower consumption rates to preserve nature and future life on the planet. Our ideal customer appreciates quality, makes repairs instead of buying new, and wears their Brynje garment for as long as possible. This benefits both the wallet and the environment.


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