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We accept VISA and MasterCard in our webshop. Remember that you also use the same login mechanism as in the online bank, so have any code tags available. We do not have access to any information about your card or payment. The current amount is reserved on the card, but the actual payment (deduction) will not be made until the goods are physically shipped from us. Please review the order one last time so that all information is correct. If everything is correct, press "Complete order" to send the order. After the confirmed order, a specification of the order and order number will be displayed. If you want to change orders paid with VISA or Mastercard, the solution is (unfortunately) to delete the order and re-place it. Please contact us to do this.


You can also pay with PayPal in the online store, millions of customers worldwide use PayPal for one reason: It's easy. You just have to enter your email address and password to confirm payments. It goes much faster than using, cards, code chip and BankID. See for more information

If the card payment fails

Brynje uses the transaction provider Nets to handle the card payment for us. Most credit cards (such as VISA and Mastercard issued from your bank account) require you to sign with 3-D Secure when you shop online. In short, this means that in the final step of the payment process you are sent to your bank for identification, just as you do when you log in to the online bank. We kindly ask you to contact your banker if you have recurring problems with using your card in connection with payment on the internet.

secure communications

Commfides Norge AS offers state of the art solutions for secure communications and secure online identity management. We use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as our core technology and bring "best of breed" technologies to the market ensuring maximum convenience, security and reliability to our customers. Commfides is registered as a qualified issuer of digital certificates by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority and provides qualified certificates according to both Norwegian (SEID) and European (ETSI)