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Super Thermo Headband

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Headband with mesh lining and an outerlayer in solid knit polycolon fabric. Perfect for cycling, running or cross-country skiing.

Brynje Super Thermo mesh base layers are super light and very warm. When working hard then slowing down, overheating and overcooling is the enemy. Brynje Super Thermo mesh minimizes these two risks. An insulating layer is created by trapping air between the mesh. When the garment is vented, air circulation leads to controlled cooling when needed. This system means you have excellent body temperature regulation. There is also minimum contact with the skin, thus reducing the conductive heat loss seen in solid knit base layers.Tests carried out in Norway show that mesh baselayers outperform all others when it comes to insulation and fast drying times. Snug fit combined with low weight makes this an excellent choice year-round.

Technical details:

  • Material:100% polypropylene
  • Weight: g
  • Material weight: mesh 140 g

Mesh inside

Hoved produkttype for Brynes produkter
Materiale: 100% polypropylene
Materialvekt: Netting 140 g/m2, Ytterstoff 200 g/m2
Vekt: 30 g

Product data sheet

Product data sheet
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