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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Brynje Of Norway AS focuses on safeguarding and protecting our customers' privacy. We process personal information in accordance with the legislation in force at any time, including in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulations. Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to you as a customer.

This Privacy Statement describes the personal information we receive and collect when you order and use the services of Brynje Of Norway AS, as well as what we do to protect your personal information.

The web editor has the daily responsibility for processing personal data. It is voluntary for those who visit the websites to provide personal information in connection with services, such as receiving newsletters. The treatment basis is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.
Gurusoft is a data processor and is our supplier for the development and maintenance of the website / webshop. Information collected in connection with the operation of a website is stored on its own servers which are operated by the supplier. Only Gurusoft has access to the information collected. A separate data processing agreement between customer and Gurusoft regulates what information the supplier has access to and how it should be processed.


Privacy and cookies
When you visit our site, your browser will download cookies. These are small text files that are exchanged between your browser and our site and used to make the site work best.
As a web user, you can choose to reject the storage and use of cookies. We recommend the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority's website for a description of how you can accept or reject cookies.
Cookies / cookies on the website
It is Gurusoft AS that delivers e-commerce platform / cloud service Gurusoft Ecommerce for our website and which is responsible for technical development, operation and maintenance. Gurusoft uses the following two cookies for the site to work:

• JSESSIONID; This is a "session cookie" that is removed from your computer / mobile when you close your browser. This cookie has a reference ID for a session file on the web server. The session file contains non-personal data. Necessary for the anonymous user to have their own shopping cart, favorites, etc. The session file is automatically deleted after the user has closed the browser or been inactive and thus is not permanently stored. Only system administrators have access to these session files.
• listView; cookie is used for the system to remember which types of product lists a user has chosen, two possible values: list or grid view. Saves no personal data.

In addition, we have chosen to include the following cookies in our site:

Google Analytics - uses Google Analytics to see how users of the website use it. We can see how long they visit the site, what pages they visit, demographic information, interests, geography, behavior and technology. All this information is rarely relevant, but we use it primarily to see the number of visits. Total data is stored for 14 months before being automatically deleted (ref:

Facebook - uses a so-called Facebook pixel. Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool that measures how effective our Facebook advertising is. With that, we can measure conversions, build the audience, and optimize our ad campaigns on Facebook.
We use the pixel to understand what actions our users perform after they've hit an ad, giving us the ability to reach the most important users for us. By learning from the behavior of our users on our site, you can streamline the communication and message in the campaigns we run on Facebook.

Security Certificate (SSL)
It is safe to visit this site and our site has a security certificate that confirms the site's identity and ensures that all communications are encrypted. We use a recognized safety certificate from leading player Commfides (also supplier to
The purpose of encryption is to ensure a secure data communication between the server (our site) and the client (your web browser). This includes a digital certificate that will prove that the site and its sender are genuine.

personal information
Personal information collected and processed for registered users in this online store is:
• contact information such as name, addresses, e-mail address and telephone number
• Passwords are stored one-way encrypted
• purchase transactions / orders with delivery information, chosen freight and payment method (not payment information such as credit card info)
• e-mail communication such as order confirmations, offers and system messages
• Other information such as usernames, passwords, languages, shopping cart, shopping lists and favorites
• Gurusoft as a cloud service provider collects and uses traffic information, such as browser type and IP address, and stores it for a limited period. These logs / data are not extracted and used in other contexts. The purpose of this storage is:

to detect and prevent security threats
to provide stable and fast cloud services
to be able to investigate and track any fraudulent or malicious actions against the cloud service.

Personal information for ERP system (visma business)
We now transfer the following information from this website to our business system (ERP):
• contact information such as name, addresses, e-mail address and telephone number
• purchase transactions / orders with delivery information, chosen freight and payment method (not payment information such as credit card info)

Personal information for Consignor (freight handling)
(Name, address, phone number, email) - used to handle delivery requests.

Access to Personal Information
Registered users find Person information we have stored in the webshop / website under My page after login. Questions about personal information can be directed to:

Deletion of Personal Information
If you want to delete the personal information stored on you, just contact us at:


Revision of the privacy statement

Brynje Of Norway AS may change this privacy statement if:

The processing of personal data is changed.
Revision is considered necessary due to changes in laws or regulations issued pursuant to law.

Brynje Of Norway AS will make any changes well visible, but on a general basis recommends that you read this privacy statement at regular intervals during visits to our Web sites.