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Arctic Zip-off Longs 3/4 Legs

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Two layer zip-off longs 3/4 legs underwear with mesh lining. Perfect for use in moderate to high intensity activities in cold to extreme cold temperatures.

The Arctic double collection is a two-layer expedition weight concept designed to take care of the two most critical aspects of clothing namely overheating and overcooling.

The mesh on the inside has less contact points against the body, meaning less wet material next to the skin. The mesh enables excessive moisture to evaporate freely to the Merino wool layer, keeping the user drier and thus warmer

During rest periods the mesh provides insulating air pockets next to the skin, keeping the body dry and warm. The Merino wool on the outside seals off the mesh creating an insulating barrier.

Based on test reports, feedback from expeditions, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and professionals, the Arctic Double gives outstanding comfort and superior technical performance. it has proven to be the most important layer of clothing for many, no matter how bad the weather conditions are. Winner of several tests and also an award for "best innovation" from the Norwegian textile association.

Technical specifications:

  • 100% synthetic mesh lining
  • Exterior of 80% Merino wool and 20% Polyamide
  • Weight:  g
  • Material weight: Outer material 220 g / m2
  • Material weight: Mesh 140 g / m2

Product data sheet

Product data sheet
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